Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August 2017

Mrs. Coleman’s Fourth Grade Class 2017-18

Contact Information
My email address is You may also call the W.F. Morrison # (295-4321). Often you will need to leave a message and I will get back to you.  If you need to visit with me in person, I will be happy to arrange a time before or after school or during one of my prep times.

Homework is sent home every Tuesday and is due on the last day of school that week. Homework will be based on a skill we have studied in class and your child should be able to work on it independently.
Each week with your child’s homework their most important school papers will be sent home (final copy of written work, reading, math, and spelling test scores).  Tuesday is the day to ask your child to show you their work.

Class Expectations
Students are expected to come to school each day ready to learn.  Throughout the school we reinforce our school expectations of Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible!  In fourth grade a part of these expectations are to complete all assigned work. Students are also never allowed to keep others from completing their work.
With our math and reading programs, we have many great options for skill practice with our students.  Often there may be worksheets where the students are only required to complete a portion of the paper.  If a paper comes home, your child has completed as much as expected in class. They are welcome and encouraged to complete any additional sections to help them practice their skills, but it is not required. Uncompleted work I keep at school for your child to complete.

 Most of the writing the students do will be on their Chromebook. We will be using the Google Classroom program to help organize student work.

Students are graded according to their progress in meeting the common core standards for fourth grade.  Progress toward their standards will be determined by scores on math progress checks, reading tests, spelling quizzes, and grammar quizzes. Special projects will also be graded, on occasion, according to the standards they meet.

Spelling words go home with the students each Monday.  I also post them on my class blog

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 22

Dear Families,

Mayor Coldwell came to visit our classroom this Monday to view the students’ writing about new businesses they would like to start in Troy.  If you see Darren, please thank him for taking the time to make the visit.

On Tuesday the students had their math assessment on Chapter 2.  I was very impressed with how hard they worked.  Everyone seemed to give it their best effort.  Several students did much better than on their Chapter 1 assessments.  I will have the information to share with you at Parent/Teacher conferences.  

Halloween plans were made between grade level teams.  The third-fourth grade teams decided on a party from 1:15-2:00 on Friday, but no costumes.  Please see the attached note for more details.

The students have started to type their writing for their final copy.  If you have computer access, please encourage your child to type. They can access a free typing practice site through

I enjoy your children!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Dear Parents,

I have been so impressed with how hard the students focus on their learning.  They truly care about their assessments and want to do well.  Thanks for letting them show you their work and their grades each week.  It means a lot to them.

When our class wrote letters to Mrs. Rewarts, many mentioned playground equipment they would like.  Mrs. Rewarts is involving them in choosing a new piece of equipment for the playground.

I enjoy your children.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Dear Parents,

Thanks to all of you who returned the signed form last week letting me know you had seen your child’s grades.  I appreciate knowing if they are getting the right information to you.

This week we only have school four days, so the students are welcome to return their homework next Monday.  I strongly suggest, however, they do their homework tonight. It will help them to do better on their spelling quiz tomorrow.  Each of the students has a personal spelling word in addition to the regular list.

I enjoy your children!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Dear Parents,

Thanks so much for having your children here on time.  We have had no tardies so far this year and it really makes the day get off to a great,focused start! We also had 95% of the homework returned last week.

I have started adding the spelling words to my class blog, in case your child does not make it home with their spelling words.  I also put this newsletter on the blog.  You may access the blog through the Troy Public School webpage (choose Morrison Elementary and then the Morrison Blog) or by going to Then choose my name from the list at the top.

Every Wednesday I will attach your child’s homework to this newsletter and any graded assignments I am returning.  At Morrison Elementary we give papers a rating of 1-5 depending on how closely they match the standard benchmark for our grade level.  If your child receives a 1, it means they are just beginning to develop the skill, 2 they are making progress in the skill, 3 or 4 they are doing about what we expect, and 5 they are advanced in the skill.

I have not yet had the opportunity to meet with many of you.  If you are ever free to meet before or after school, let me know and we’ll schedule a time.

Please sign the slip below after your child shows you their graded papers (reading and spelling this week) and send it back to school with them.  This will help them to be responsible and let me knowing you are seeing their work.

Thanks for sharing your child with me,

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

9/2/14 Newletter



Dear Parents,

Your students are off to a great start!  I’ve been very pleased with their focus, willingness to learn and to follow the school and class procedures.

Every Wednesday I will send a brief newsletter with your child’s homework attached.  The homework is due on Friday.  If there is a part of your child’s homework they don’t understand, please feel free to write a note stating they did try it and were confused.  

You will see your students bringing home many papers with no grades. Much of their work is practice to develop skills.  We work on a part of the papers together and they do part themselves.  Each Friday the students have a reading assessment, spelling quiz, and their writing project for the week is completed.  All of these will receive a grade.  About every ten days the students will have a math assessment which is graded.

The students take a spelling pretest each Monday (Tuesday this week) and bring home the list of words to study for the quiz on Friday.

Thank you for the chance to teach your great children.

Sue Coleman

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Welcome to a New School Year!

A new school year will soon be starting and I look forward to working with all my new students and their families!  I hope all of you are having a good summer. I will soon be sending a welcome letter to all my students and parents.  During the school year I will be sending home homework each Wednesday with the fourth graders, along with a brief newsletter.  I will also post information on this blog.